Carpet cleaning mistakes that should be avoided

Some people believe that carpet cleaning process is very easy. However, this is not true. It is a task that cannot be done by anyone. Before you start this process, you are required to know all the appropriate methods that are used in removing stains or dirt. This will help you in taking care of your carpet. The following are the common mistakes done by people when they are cleaning their carpets.

Scrubbing out the stains

Scrubbing of the stains is not a good idea when it comes to carpet cleaning. Even if hard scrubbing can help you in removing the stains, this can also harm your carpet’s fibres. Blotting the stains by use of a towel is more effective than scrubbing hard. This towel will absorb all the stains. The towel should be cleaned using a stain remover.

Using too much cleaning products and water

It is extremely hard to soak big amounts of cleaning solutions and water. Instead, you should dry your carpet using a steam cleaner. This will prevent the growth of mould. Another mistake is using strong cleaning products. Such products can damage your carpet’s fibres or even dissolve its colour. To avoid this, you are advised to carefully read e labels and instructions given by the manufactures of different cleaning solutions to get rid of the unwanted chemicals and formulas.

Failure to clean up spills

Any spills left on the carpet will dry making it harder to clean. Liquids will seep deeper into your carpet. This will, in turn, lead to the growth of moulds or unpleasant smells. Eventually, this stain will end up eroding your carpet’s fibres. Any spillage should be cleaned right away to avoid further problems.


Failure to hire a professional cleaning company


Many people have been avoiding hiring the services of professionals because of the extra cost incurred. This is a wrong decision. Even if you can still clean your carpet without the assistance of professionals, there are some incidences when your carpet might be damaged seriously by frequent stains from pets and kids. In such a case, you are advised to hire the services of professional cleaners. Otherwise such damaged might become permanent, forcing you to buy a new carpet. The services of a specialist will help you in maintaining your carpet in good condition.

Cleaning too often

The carpet should be cleaned only when it is necessary. Overuse of chemicals and excessive scrubbing can have a negative impact on your carpet.